This site is intended for use by parents of singles.


Some frequently asked questions about ShidduchimInLubavitch.

How does ShidduchimInLubavitch work?

ShidduchimInLubavitch has a dedicated network of matchmakers located all over the world.  Singles or parents of singles register for the database by filling out a detailed questionnaire describing themselves and their backgrounds.  Applicants can leave out any information they do not want to submit.  All the information stored in the ShidduchimInLubavitch database is kept confidential, and photos and names are only accessible to approved Shadchanim. 

Approved Shadchanim can perform detailed searches of the database to find potential matches for the singles they are trying to set up.  Searches can be made on parameters such as age, location, background, dress, personality traits, and Chassidishkeit. 

Joining ShidduchimInLubavitch offers you accessibility to Shadchanim who would never know of you or may have forgotten about you when you are the perfect match for their contact.  Members can choose to allow parts of their profile to be visible to other singles or parents of singles if they choose.  Members may also do searches of the database and see limited information excluding names, photos, and contact information.  Members will be able to see the Shadchanim that are working with this particular single and may contact the Shadchan for more information.

Who should sign up?

ShidduchimInLubavitch caters to Chabad singles.  We also have a separate section for friend of Chabad singles.

Is there any cost to join?

There is a one-time fee of $25 to join.  If you don't add a photo, the cost is $36.

Can I sign up my son/daughter for the database?

Yes, we have a special application for parents to sign up their son/daughter to join the database.  Shadchanim are then in touch directly with the parent regarding potential matches.

What if I do not feel comfortable having my information online?

All information is stored in a secure database.  Approved Shadchanim have access to the database via password and are forbidden from sharing information on the database.  Singles have the option to allow part of their profile to be visible and searchable by other members, or to enable only Shadchanim to see any part of their profile.

I just signed up. Now what?

Our team will review your profile and contact you by E-mail.  Once accepted, you should make sure any of our shadchanim that know you, add your profile to their short list.  This will enable someone interested in your profile to contact this particular Shadchan about the opportunity.  You may also do partial searches of the database, and contact the shadchan of singles you may be interested in.

Who are the Shadchanim on ShidduchimInLubavitch?

All experienced Chabad Shadchanim are welcome to register to join ShidduchimInLubavitch and utilize the database.  Shadchanim provide references of past matches and go through an approval process by the ShidduchimInLubavitch committee.  Our goal is to unite all qualified Shadchanim in our communities to work together in making Shidduchim while utilizing the technology that can make this happen.  Click here for a partial list of ShidduchimInLubavitch Shadchanim.

What guidance can I receive in preparing for a Shidduch?

Rabbi Dubov's book: "Mazal Tov: A Chabad Wedding Guide" is available for download, and offers a guide in preparing for Shidduchim, based on the Rebbe's letters.

I would like to know more about ShidduchimInLubavitch.

You can contact us directly at with any other questions you may have.