This site is intended for use by parents of singles.


Some frequently asked questions about ShidduchimInLubavitch.

How Does ShidduchiminLubavitch work?

Parents register their children for the database by filling out a detailed questionnaire describing themselves and their background. Applicants can leave out any information they do not want to submit. 

Approved Shadchanim can perform detailed searches of the database to find potential matches for the singles they are trying to set up.  Searches can be made on parameters such as age, location, background, dress, personality traits, and Chassidishkeit. 

Joining ShidduchimInLubavitch offers you accessibility to Shadchanim who would never know of you or may have forgotten about you when you are the perfect match for their contact.  Members can choose to allow parts of their profile to be visible to other singles or parents of singles if they choose.  Members may also do searches of the database and see limited information excluding names, photos, and contact information.  Members will be able to see the Shadchanim that are working with this particular single and may contact the Shadchan for more information.

Who should sign up?

SIL caters to parents of Lubavitch singles who are hoping to find their Shidduch soon.  The goal is to be on and off this database in quick time.

Who will have access to this site?

All information is stored in a secure database. One can control many privacy options: whether you wish to allow only Shadchanim to see your profile, or allow other members to see your full or limited profile.

Is there any charge to join?

There is a one-time membership fee of $25 to join. The cost is $36 if no photo is uploaded.

Why should I feel comfortable signing up my single for SIL?

Signing up your single to SIL means that your single is ready to be "found" or to find their shidduch. It means that you want to go through the Shidduch phase in the quickest and most efficient way, and you will include several avenues to make that happen. 

It does NOT mean you are desperate. It does NOT mean you expect a difficult time. It does NOT mean your single has already tried all other options. 

By helping create a new norm for parents signing up a single as they become eligible - not only can you be helping your own child immediately - but you can be part of creating a new and improved method to try and combat the shidduch challenge.

SIGNING UP: What is the first step?

The first step is for a parent to register a detailed profile of their single on the site. One can choose what information to exclude, but some basic information is required on all profiles.  One will then choose a "Contact Person" that others can reach out to if they are interested in following up with some generic questions.

What is the role of a CP (Contact Person)?

The CP is a reliable, trusted confidant that you choose to be the person to help avoid uncomfortable feelings, disappointment, or CH”V Loshon Hora.   Someone you already know and trust (family member, close family friend, mashpia). The contact person is one that is familiar with the singles, status, standards and goals. 

Typically a CP is tightlipped and only answers relevant questions, with as few words as possible. A CP can choose their desired method of being reached, either via email, text, whatsapp or a phone call. 

A MAJOR benefit to this method is that a family may not even know they have “nixed” another family (or been nixed) (considering the CP is indeed tight lipped) simply by the CP knowing the answer to a question from previous experience.

What is the most productive and comfortable way for a contact person to "nix" an idea?

If a contact person knows a certain suggestion will not be accepted by the family, for any reason, either because the single is dating, looking for something different, going through a funk, or any other reason. It is not the business of any other family to know this. All the inquiring family needs to know is: it's not nogea.

Who are the Shadchanim on SIL/what if I have a preferred Shadchan?

Our Shadchan list can be viewed at this page. All experienced Lubavitch Shadchanim are welcome to register. Shadchanim provide references of past matches and must reveal all their upfront required fees. Once approved by the SIL committee they can join and utilize the database, considering they respect the expectations of this site. Approved shadchanim will have access to the database via password and are forbidden from sharing information on the database.

How do I know if SIL is up to date?

Any member can remove their profile when they get engaged. Members that don’t sign in for 6 months receive a warning, and for 12 months of inactivity are removed from the site. You can email to request to remove any engaged single.

I just signed up, now what?

Our team will review the profile and contact you by e-mail

What guidance can I receive in preparing for a Shidduch?

Rabbi Dubov's book: "Mazal Tov: A Chabad Wedding Guide" is available for download, and offers a guide in preparing for Shidduchim, based on the Rebbe's letters.

I would like to know more about SIL

SIL was founded by Rabbi Meir Geisinsky following discussions with Moshe Raichman of ChabadMatch after understanding the importance of having one central database for all Chabad Lubavitch singles. You can contact us directly at with any other questions you may have.